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外研版 | 七年级英语(上册)写作范文!

外研版 | 七年级英语(上册)写作范文!

本文摘要:Module 1如果Mike Smith是你的朋侪。请凭据提示,以“My friend”为题写一篇60词左右的英语漫笔,向大家先容一下他。提示:1.基本信息:来自美国,12岁,在七年级二班,Miss Gao是他的语文老师,大明和玲玲是他的朋侪;2.喜好:打篮球,游泳;3.评价:好男孩,我们都喜欢他。


Module 1如果Mike Smith是你的朋侪。请凭据提示,以“My friend”为题写一篇60词左右的英语漫笔,向大家先容一下他。提示:1.基本信息:来自美国,12岁,在七年级二班,Miss Gao是他的语文老师,大明和玲玲是他的朋侪;2.喜好:打篮球,游泳;3.评价:好男孩,我们都喜欢他。

My friendMike Smith is my friend.Mike is his given name and Smith is his family name.He is from America.He’s twelve years old.He is in Class 2 Grade 7.Miss Gao is his Chinese teacher.Daming and Lingling are his good friends.He likes playing basketball and swimming.Mike is a good boy.We all like him very much.Module 2假设你叫李华。请凭据所给提示,以“My family”为题,写一篇60词左右的英语漫笔,在英语课上先容你的家庭情况。

1.你家有四口人——怙恃、姐姐和你;2.爸爸是你们学校的一名英语老师,妈妈是一名医生,姐姐是一名护士;3.你有一个幸福的家庭。My familyMy name is Li Hua.There are four people in my family—my parents,my sister and I.My father is an English teacher in our school.His students like him very much.My mother is a doctor.She likes music very much.My sister is a nurse.She likes swimming and her favourite colour is red.I have a happy family.Module 3如果下图就是你的房间,请你写一篇英文漫笔向你的外国朋侪先容一下你的房间,注意形貌清楚房间里工具的名称及位置。词数60左右。This is my bedroom.There is a bed,a chair and a desk in my room.My clothes are on the bed.My shoes and football are under the bed.The chair is next to the desk.The computer is on the desk.There’re some books and other things on the desk too.There is a clock and two pictures on the wall.My room is very nice.I like it very much.Module 4如果你是玲玲,你的美国笔友Peter很好奇你天天吃什么。


参考词汇:食谱recipeDear Peter,My mother makes a recipe for me to stay healthy.For breakfast,I have milk,bread and an egg.For lunch,I have noodles or rice.I have vegetable soup and some fruit for dinner.But I don’t eat too much in the evening.I think it’s good for my health.What about you?Yours,LinglingModule 5如果你是艾伦(Alan),下面是你周四一天的学校生活。请用英语写一封信将你忙碌的一天告诉你的朋侪辛迪(Cindy)。

要求:1.可适当揭晓自己对学科的看法;2.50词左右。Dear Cindy,I am busy on Thursday.In the morning,I have Chinese at 8:30.It's my favourite subject.Then at 9:00 I have science.I think it's boring.I have geography at 10:00.It's difficult but interesting.I have music at 11:00.We have lunch from 12:00 to 1:30 pm in the dining hall.In the afternoon,I have English at 2:30 pm.I like English very much because I like my English teacher.My classes finish at 3:50 pm,and then we go back home.Yours,AlanModule 6如果你是王林,请凭据下面表格中的内容向大家先容一下你的宠物。要求:50词左右,可适当发挥。

Hello,I'm Wang Lin.I have a pet.It's a cat and its name is Mimi.It's 2 years old.It has two blue eyes,yellow hair and four small feet.It likes playing with balls.It often sings “mew,mew” to me.Fish and rice are its favourite food.Module 7如今电脑已经进入千家万户,你经常用它做什么呢?请你以“The computer and I”为题,写一篇50词左右的漫笔,先容一下你用电脑所做的事情。The computer and II have a computer at home.I often use it to do my homework,because I can get some information about my study from the Internet.I send emails to my friends too.We sometimes talk on QQ.When I don't have lessons,I also listen to music and watch movies on the Internet.But I don't play computer games,because they are bad for my study.Module 8请你以“Choosing birthday presents”为题写一篇漫笔,谈谈你家人及朋侪的喜好,以及你通常为他们选择什么样的礼物。

词数50左右(不计开头)。Choosing birthday presentsI choose different birthday presents for my family and friends on their birthdays.My father likes watching movies and he often goes to the cinema with my mother,so I give him two cinema tickets on his birthday.My mother likes music and she sometimes goes to concerts.So I usually buy her a concert ticket on her birthday.I often buy my friend a T­shirt on his birthday because he loves doing some exercise to stay healthy.They all like the presents I give them.Module 9你是学校英语报的小记者,现在是北京时间早上7点,你需要凭据各地时刻表,写一篇50词左右的报道,先容以下三座都会人们现在的生活情景。It's seven o'clock in the morning in Beijing.Most people are getting up.Some are having breakfast.Some are driving to work.In Paris,it's twelve o'clock at night,so people aren't working now.Most people are sleeping.But some people are going home from work.In New York,it's six o'clock in the afternoon.Most people are leaving work.Some are meeting friends.They are having a good time.Module 10如果你是周媛,请你写一封书面邀请函,邀请你校外国友人到场下个月在当地举行的端午节运动。提示:1.Time of the festival;2.Activities during the festival;3.Your invitation(邀请)to them.要求:1.50词左右(开头已给出,不计入总词数);2.语句通顺、意思连贯、花样正确。

Dear friends,Welcome to our school.Next month there will be one of the most traditional Chinese festivals—the Dragon Boat Festival.It is on 5th May of the lunar calendar.We will have dragon boat racing and dragon dances on that day.We also eat zongzi,a kind of traditional food.I hope you can come and join us that day.Yours,Zhou Yuan。



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